Urban sophistication, small town charm: The Arts & Crafts style

Prairie Trail is a new mixed-use community in Ankeny, Iowa based on the New Urbanist design principles. It is a walkable development with less traffic, more sidewalks, and trails that connect the entire development to the City of Ankeny.  It’s a place where everything is designed to connect people to the land, to each other and to surrounding communities.  It’s a place to make a life. A place to call home.

Rustic Arts & Crafts home at Prairie Trail in Ankeny, Iowa

Rustic Arts & Crafts home at Prairie Trail in Ankeny, Iowa

Prairie Trail incorporates a vibrant business community and a growing entertainment town center, known as The District. Each streetscape is unique in character with a variety of complimentary housing options built on the architectural traditions of the greatest neighborhoods of historic towns in Iowa. The four traditional styles of the community—Colonial Revival, Victorian, European Romantic, and Arts & Crafts, are depicted within all the residential neighborhoods.

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Notice the groupings of windows and one story porch, that’s an Arts & Crafts home! Characterized by an eclectic mix of design elements, the Arts & Crafts homes of Prairie Trail can be seen with broad open porches and low sloping roofs.

Exposed structural elements such as rafters and brackets, shallow-pitched roofs with deep overhangs and asymmetrical window and door compositions are essential elements of a Prairie Trail Arts & Crafts home. Another defining feature of this style of home in Prairie Trail is the custom color combinations available for the exterior.


In cooperation with Sherwin Williams, Prairie Trail has systematically created a custom color palette for each style of home within the community. There are six color schemes especially designed for the residents of Prairie Trail to customize their homes while still keeping with the tradition and idea of a true Arts & Crafts style home. As you drive through the tree-lined streets of Prairie Trail, be on the lookout for these features and see how many Arts & Crafts style homes you can spot!

Sherwin Williams Custom Colors for Prairie TrailLearn more about building your dream home at Prairie Trail by contacting Ashley Johnson, DRA Properties
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