Generously Green

Imagine a housing development that actually improves the land, offers its residents gracious living, and helps the surrounding community flourish. It’s not just a dream; it’s a reality. At Prairie Trail sustainability and prosperity are perfectly intertwined. Smart growth is our guiding principle, and building a green-friendly environment is one of our greatest goals.

Economic impact.

Vital economic impact.


Vital Economic Impact. An important motivation for our dedication to green building is the potential savings to homeowners and businessowners that can be realized by these practices. By supporting and planning for sustainability, builders, homeowners, and the city can take advantage of reduced energy and operating costs, lower-cost living, and improved productivity for many years to come.


future generations of iowa

Future generations of Iowans.


For Future Generations. We listened to the land and to the latest expertise in how to preserve the natural environment before we began our master plan. The parks and open spaces encourage the improvement of natural systems, and the inclusion of native landscapes creates learning opportunities for both residents and visitors. The Prairie Trail project created a community out of land that was owned and farmed by Iowa State University and home to its distinctive dairy herd. Unlike more-conventional development patterns, it offers a new and unique opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint.


Its the right thing to do.


It’s the Right Thing To Do. Conservation design and economic growth go hand in hand. From the beginning, this community, with its traditional city plans, walkability, and neighborly style, has incorporated environmental safeguards. This kind of commitment means lifelong attention to every quality-of-life detail. By allowing storm water to pass through grassed swales, streams, and wetlands, Prairie Trail can guard the quality of lakes and streams. By generously increasing green space through a multitude of parks and outdoor places, we can also expand valuable habitat for fish and other wildlife. The result is a more diverse and sustainable local ecosystem.


Social Connections

Creating social connections.

Creating Social Connections. Calmer, slower traffic that respects and accommodates people on foot is the goal of Prairie Trail’s streets. Foot traffic enhances neighborliness, and we’ve designed streets for easier walking and exercise. The city has reduced the width of Southwest State Street to add parallel parking, and houses with rear-access garages will front the street across from the park and town center. Connecting with shopping, local events, and neighbors is so much easier. Every Prairie Trail home is a short walk from a park and easily accessible to open, natural space. By walking, residents can reduce the number of automobile trips and also reduce pollution.

Helping Ankeny prosper.

Helping Ankeny prosper.


Helping Ankeny Prosper. A successful future for Ankeny is always at the forefront of our planning and design. The city’s experienced staff is dedicated to innovation, and through Prairie Trail we intend to contribute to that goal and to create a legacy in our hometown. This relationship has established a wealth of new ideas through a unique plan that combines traditional design concepts with environmental stewardship.

Bike trails Ankeny.

A city of trails.

A City of Trails. Parks and trails are second nature to Ankeny, and expansion continues every year. The Prairie Trail plan adds nearly 200 acres of park land, and 13 miles of trails provide loops around the city and connections to some of the region’s major walking and biking trails. learn more about our parks & trails here!


Inspiration to others.

An inspiration to others.


An Inspiration to Others. Not only do we intend to create a landscape that allows homeowners to enjoy sociable living spaces and value the surrounding environment, we hope to inspire other developers and city planners to do the same. Our hope is that other regions will study the ecology of their land and develop new, sustainable neighborhoods like ours well into the future.


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