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Live here and enjoy walkable tree-lined streetsLive here at Prairie Trail

Prairie Trail is a planned urban development based on the principles of New Urbanism community design and built on the tradition of Iowa’s great neighborhoods.

It’s located on 1,031 acres in the center of Ankeny, Iowa.

There are more than 200 acres of parks and open spaces devoting nearly 20 percent of the 1,031 acres to public use.

The 13 miles of trails within the community directly connect to 34 miles already in Ankeny and lad to the regional trails that connect residents to destinations across the metro, throughout the state of Iowa and beyond. Integrating the greens system of parks and open spaces with the trail system makes Prairie Trail one of the most walkable communities in Central Iowa.

Businesses are within walking distance too. The amenities residents seek like salons and spas, yoga studios, fitness centers, clothing boutiques, financial services, medical clinics, daycares, restaurants and entertainment are right here.

The strategic plan for Prairie Trail calls for attracting the outstanding local and regional businesses that are indicative of Iowa companies. Prairie Trail offers beautiful, high quality buildings in premium settings, including Plaza Shoppes, State Street Plaza, Park Sight, Campustown, The District in Prairie Trail, Vintage Hills and Vintage Business Park.

Residential Homebuilding Designed for Today’s Lifestyle

Based on the unique neighborhoods of yesterday with continuous sidewalks, tree-covered lawns, connecting trails and corridors – the character of the homes in Prairie Trail is built in! The four traditional style – Colonial Revival, Victorian, European Romantic and Arts & Crafts – echo many of the design elements in Iowa’s historic neighborhoods, re-imagined for today’s lifestyle.

Prairie Trail and Ankeny have always been well-loved by young families because of the excellent schools. Today, Prairie Trail offers the spectrum of housing options to satisfy people in every lifestage. We have more builders who are building homestyles and prices that are attractive to singles, young professionals and empty-nesters, including multi-family rentals, the brownstones and villas.

The Prairie Trail Scholarship Program is a unique opportunity for residents, designed to provide scholarships up to $10,000 to students pursuing a college degree. The fund was established through the generosity of Dennis and Susan Albaugh in 2008 and demonstrates the family’s commitment to education and to the community of Ankeny.

Residents are inviting their friends and family to live here because of how much they love the Prairie Trail lifestyle. We have young families with grandma and grandpa living only a few blocks away and that includes those who choose the Vintage Hills Senior Living Co-operative, which just continues to expand to satisfy the growing need.

Even though Prairie Trail is still in the early stages of growth, already we have had the first ‘move-ups’ where people move to a different lifestage and need either a larger home for a growing family or a smaller, empty-nester home. They want to stay in the neighborhood, so they sell their house and either build new or buy within Prairie Trail, just as the original strategic plan proposed.

Prairie Trail truly is fulfilling the original plan. It’s a place where everything is designed to connect the people to the land, to each other, and to surrounding communities.

There is much more to come!

You’ll find links to everything about Prairie Trail here on the website. For the latest news, including new businesses coming to Prairie Trail and behinds the scenes photos, be sure to follow us on social media. Enjoy!