Architectural Review Board

At Prairie Trail, design matters. 

The palette of architectural styles at Prairie Trail feature the romantic periods of domestic architecture used by builders in this region during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

After more than a year of research and planning, the Prairie Trail pattern book was published. It contains guidelines for home styles, color palettes, and landscape elements all within the context of the entire streetscape. Thoughtful consideration was given to the street layout, the placement of parks, schools, commercial and business areas.

Four architectural styles. Endless options.

Resident Matt Montange enjoyed working with the Architectural Review Board, getting input during the approval process.

“I thought the ARB was fun,” he said. “For instance, we had two arches over the front windows and had planned a cross-head treatment below. The ARB asked us to choose one treatment and go with it. So, we chose the arches and then we echoed them inside. The front entry door is arched. We even put an arch in the fireplace. We really like the way it turned out.”


Architectural Review Board 

Architectural Review Board
Architectural Review Board Application
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