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Choosing a Lifestyle

Prairie Trail is a development with a true sense of place.  It’s where neighbors become friends, education is important and business is booming.

There are 13 miles of trails and 200 acres of parks in Prairie Trail. These common open spaces were designed to create a healthier environment and encourage people to be together.  Research(1) has shown that green spaces with trees encourage people to be more social and where social ties are strong, people help and protect each other.  New Urbanism communities are also shown to equate to healthier lifestyles. 

But being green isn’t simply about large expanses of pretty grass. Prairie Trail embraces the ideals of a truly sustainable community design.  It’s part of a comprehensive conservation design approach that makes the best use of existing topography and natural waterways while also adding stunning views.

We are proud of the high standards set for space planning, site preparation and building practices at the initial design and infrastructure stage. Since then, more than a dozen builders have built homes at Prairie Trail using energy saving techniques. Most exceed requirements by either achieving NAHB standards, Energy-Star ratings or more, like this Net-Zero home built by Eco-Logic.


Beautiful, energy-efficient homes are abundant at Prairie Trail. Based on the unique neighborhoods of yesterday with continuous sidewalks, tree-covered lawns, connecting trails, and corridors—the character of these homes is built in!

An emphasis on education is key to the Prairie Trail lifestyle. Collaboration with the city of Ankeny resulted in early agreement to build new schools at Prairie Trail. Three new public schools have been built in the last six years. Likewise, collaboration between Des Moines Area Community College, Prairie Trail’s neighbor to the east, creates positive benefits for the residents and businesses of Prairie Trail and students of DMACC. Recently, Rob Denson, President at DMACC, talked about the Prairie Trail partnership.  “DMACC and Prairie Trail developer Dennis Albaugh have a great relationship,” said Denson. “Together we continue to make Ankeny a great place to live, learn and enrich lives.

From left: DMACC President, Rob Denson, Madeline Wignall, Issac Dahlman, Collin Urquhart, Dennis Albaugh, Jon Lindaman, Cheryl Cardin and Jenny Montange

The value of education is so important to the founders of the development, Dennis and Susan Albaugh, that they established a special Prairie Trail Scholarship Program in 2008. To date, more than $107,000 has been awarded to Prairie Trail residents to further their education.

The lifestyle at Prairie Trail is also meant to be one where residents could easily work nearby. As more and more businesses choose to locate at Prairie Trail, the vision is becoming a reality.

HyVee June19

The residents of Prairie Trail truly embrace the lifestyle here. They plant flowers in the parks, share referrals and recipes. You can get a sense of this vibrant community and the Prairie Trail lifestyle by following the active social community on facebook and twitter.

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