when neighbors become friends

the vision in focus

Children – childhood friends – playing together in a nearby park. Parents watching, not much more than a front lawn away. Neighbors waving at neighbors from frequently used front porches. Green spaces left intact for the sake of the environment – and the future.

Houses springing up and filling up, quickly becoming homes. Shopping districts and amenities as close as a walk away. A real – and growing – sense of community.

Prairie Trail has come a long way, from a vision, to the realization of a vision, to a community coming even more into focus.

Planned as a place that would bring neighbors closer to each other, closer to their everyday needs, and closer to the natural land that has been preserved there for decades, Prairie Trail is a testament to the hard work and desire of many local people and entities.

What are you looking for in a new home? In a new neighborhood? Let us show you around!

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