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Can you eat healthy at McDonalds?

You may have heard the story about the Iowa teacher who actually lost weight eating at McDonalds. What started as a high school biology project ended up making local and national headlines. What you might not have heard is that Dr. Doug Layton with UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine at Prairie Trail was the physician who medically monitored the […]

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Hy-Vee dietitians mentor healthy lifestyle

Imagine living in a community that is designed to have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. Imagine living in a community intentionally developed as a collaboration between residents, businesses, schools and public services. This is the foundation of Prairie Trail in Ankeny, Iowa. Research shows that your environment significantly impacts your overall health […]

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A Truly Sustainable Venture

Sustainability. Walkability. Connectivity. These are the new urbanism principals upon which the Prairie Trail development was built and thrives on and what makes living, working and playing at Prairie Trail so appealing. And like Prairie Trail, Hy-Vee believes that healthy lifestyles and a healthy environment go hand-in-hand. That is why Hy-Vee store director, Kevin Hudachek […]

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Prairie Trail 2013 Scholarship Recipients.fbcover

2013 Scholarship Winners

At the 2013 Scholarship Recognition Dinner. From left: DMACC President, Rob Denson, Madeline Wignall, Issac Dahlman, Collin Urquhart, Hannah Johnson, Albaugh Inc. President, Dennis Albaugh, Jon Lindaman, Cheryl Cardin and Jenny Montange.  Ankeny students were awarded Prairie Trail scholarships at a dinner held in their honor last week. For the fifth consecutive year, Prairie Trail has […]

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