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Back-to-School is the BEST!

It’s back-to-school time for Ankeny students, from elementary through high school and those heading off to college. How fortunate that our students attend some of The Best schools in the country! Ankeny High School, nationally ranked by US News and World Report in June 2013 and #10 overall in Iowa. And just this week, Ankeny […]

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Building a Community

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” ― Yogi Berra How long does it take to build a growing, thriving, planned community? Summer is a fun-filled time for events and celebrations. So, what better time than mid-July for a look back and forward as we celebrate the excitement of our growing Prairie […]

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Prairie Trail 2013 Scholarship Recipients.fbcover

2013 Scholarship Winners

At the 2013 Scholarship Recognition Dinner. From left: DMACC President, Rob Denson, Madeline Wignall, Issac Dahlman, Collin Urquhart, Hannah Johnson, Albaugh Inc. President, Dennis Albaugh, Jon Lindaman, Cheryl Cardin and Jenny Montange.  Ankeny students were awarded Prairie Trail scholarships at a dinner held in their honor last week. For the fifth consecutive year, Prairie Trail has […]

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Prairie Trail Elementary

Meals from the Heartland

At Prairie Trail, you can live here, work here and play here. Cheryl Cardin lives in the Prairie Trail development and works here too, teaching first grade at Prairie Trail Elementary. The First and Fourth Grade Buddies Program at the school is designed to partner older and younger students on various activities throughout the year. […]

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